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A 67 min video.
"Time is the friend of the wonderful business, it's the enemy of the lousy business."

Cult film- Trader: The Documentary

For the first time since 1987 the  TV documentary about Paul Tudor Jones is available to view. He had done his best to suppress it, buying up copies of videotapes and recently forcing youtube to remove it after only one day.

"Paul Tudor Jones II leans back in his chair and grins. The stock market is going to crash, and he knows it. “There will be some type of a decline, without a question, in the next 10, 20 months,” he says in his rich Memphis drawl. “And it will be earth-shaking; it will be saber-rattling...
The 1987 video offers an intriguing window into the everyday life of big-league traders, and it has the feel of a time capsule. Full of swagger and braggadocio, Mr. Jones can be seen skiing in Gstaad, Switzerland, or riding a horse on his estate overlooking the Chesapeake Bay — when he is not screaming out orders to his traders. He comes across as a young Gordon Gekko. Greed was not only good; it was fun.
"   New York Times

You can download the film using peer-to-peer file sharing. You do this at your own risk and discretion in the knowledge that Trader is a copyrighted work.
If you have a torrent (bit-torrent) application on your computer you can click on Trader_Documentary.torrent. If not you can click on the Download video link below which uses a java applet to dowload the film.

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