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Fraud Hound - the stinky stock search engine

Don't be hoodwinked by Googlewashing (see below) when checking stocks for fraud
  • Search eight top investigative sites probing suspected listed company fraud, misleading statements or flaky business models
  • US Class action and SEC litigation now included
  • Instantly sidestep the smokescreen used by faudsters to make them look good on Google: Googlewashing
  • Search by company name or person
  • The sites are mainly US based - companies indexed are most likely US, China or Hong Kong listed

    Search tips

  • Find companies, people or phrases
  • No need to use quotes around a phrase, Stock Fraud Hound does this automatically
  • Results are shown most recent first
Example searches: China Media Express, Groupon, Ernst & Young, Iraq or Channel Stuffing.

Warning: If you get no hits it doesn't mean the company is clean or that there are are no reports of wrongdoing on the web. Google is your friend but he will tell you a ton of irrelevant stories too.

Most recent reports on listed companies in USA and Hong Kong

Quick link

Where do the reports come from?

We search Glaucus Research, The Street Sweeper, Citron Research, Bronte Capital blog, sharesleuth, The Fraud Files blog, White Collar Fraud blog, Muddy Waters Research, Class Advocate, Alfred Little and SEC litigation

What is Googlewashing?

Got something to hide? Googlewash it away.  Fraudster and scammers can now use "online reputation managementto flood Google search with bogus positive items in order to remove negative information. You'd have to check dozens or hundreds of links to find the truth.

Disclaimer: Stock Fraud Hound is a specialised search engine and takes no responsibility for the content of the sites found.